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Mattress Builders

A: We only sell to the public and the commercial (Accommodation Market). Our showroom is open 7 days a week.

A: Traditional (Classic) Springs offer good support at a great price.

The more modern Pocket Springs have several benefits, which include:

1. Smaller diameter springs so approximately twice the number of pocket springs support a regular mattress.
2. They are individually ‘wrapped’ in a fabric pockets so they reduce partner disturbance.
3. They can be zoned to offer firmer back and hip support. Pocket Springs are most often purchased by couples these days.

A: The industry description is ‘Body Impressions’.

We have a lot of customers complaining about buying very expensive mattresses from the ‘Big Guys’ that have then developed very bad body impressions. These are usually caused by the mattress having excessive amounts of soft, not very durable foams. The problem gets worsened if the mattress is not rotated regularly. A big fat mattress, or very expensive mattress is not necessarily a better mattress. Get a good understanding of what is in your next mattress to find out if that will suit you. Pillow-tops can provide good pressure relief however if they use medium density foams or latex they will usually last a lot longer.

A: We make several models of them in both our Classic Range and our Pocket Spring mattresses. They are very popular and will generally last longer.

A: Our latex all comes from Belgium. It is very long lasting, keeping it’s original shape for many years. It breathes very well and despite what many people think is temperate, not hot. It is pressure relieving but also very supportive and comes in numerous different feels so can be tailored to suit people’s needs. Latex is also inherently good for allergy sufferers and is anti-microbial.

A: We make 4 different feels in our caravan mattress range. We do a variety of sizes in regular or low profile and do ‘cut cornered’ mattresses. When you want to discuss your caravan or camper mattress, please make sure you have your required dimensions with you!!


Here are some tips on keeping your mattress in good health.

Normally a mattress will go through a period of ‘settling’ when it is first being used where the comfort layers which include the outer fabric, fibre and foams compress.

To help spread the ware and minimise ‘settling’ it is important to rotate your mattress regularly. We recommend rotating, and or flipping your mattress every 2 weeks in the initial stages and then every 3 months throughout its life.

If regular rotation is not done there is a likelihood the mattress will develop ‘Body Impressions’ which are larger depressions in your mattress. These can be greater or less depending on the quality, density and thickness of the comfort layers. Broadly speaking the thicker and softer the comfort layers, the greater the body impression will develop over time.

To prevent staining of the mattress a mattress protector must be used. Keeping stains away from your mattress will help with both the hygiene and longevity of your mattress.

If your mattress is going onto a slat base we recommend a fabric barrier between the two to prevent snagging and splinters from the timber slats damaging your mattress. Examples could be a mattress protector, sheet or blanket.

Occasional vacuuming or airing your mattress is recommended to help reduce dust or particles that may filter through your bed linen.

Do not stand or jump on the mattress. Do not bend an innerspring mattress. It is not recommended to regularly sit on the edge of the mattress as it can cause the border to sag over time.




I visited Mattress Builders as we drive past them all the time. The service instore was marvellous. Very high quality products available at amazing prices. Delivery was same day and every aspect of our transaction was perfect. Couldn’t be happier with that side of it. Best thing of all though was sleeping on the new inner spring mattress! It’s made such a difference to our sleep and our health. 100% recommend them!

Jen Gale

Awesome service, we spent over an hour in the showroom lying on beds to see which was the perfect fit for us… and the hevaya organic latex mattress was it! We put it on an electric adjustable base and it is COMPLETE HEAVEN! This is honestly the BEST money we have ever spent and to compare… well, we looked at king sized ensembles at a big name franchise store that were double what we paid for this bed and weren’t as comfortable!

Seriously… the best money we have ever spent! I don’t care that it’s “an old lady bed” like my friend joked at us about… its THE BEST!!!!!

Bo Baynie

We recently purchased four beds from this brilliant business. We absolutely love our king latex bed, you can tell the quality is amazing. It’s our second latex bed, the first was purchased from a major Australian retailer and only lasted around three years as it developed a raised lump right down the middle – obviously not a quality product. The fact the latex mattresses are made in Belgium really appealed to us.

We also purchased three inner sprung beds and bases for our children and they won’t stop talking about how comfortable they are. The bases are brilliant as well because you have the option of adding drawers for extra storage, and they’re made in their warehouse. Our teenage son has also had a few friends to stay when we’ve been away and they too have commented on how comfortable the beds are.

The service we received from George and Mark was top notch and the delivery and installation was no stress at all. They even took away our old mattresses for us. We couldn’t recommend this business highly enough. A great place to buy beds!

Brett & Raema