We have a great range of mattresses, bases, bed frames and bedroom furniture. In addition we also carry manchester goods including sheets, quilt covers, quilts, pillows and mattress protectors.

Types of Mattresses: Mattress Builders uses several styles of support systems to service different needs.

‘Classic’: Traditional Bonnell spring range offers good support on a budget price.

‘Modern and Coolmax’: Pocket Spring ranges are an ideal spring system for couples. The springs help reduce partner disturbance and have zoning options to improve spinal alignment. Pocket springs have double the spring count of Bonnell springs so offer increased support and durability.

‘Make My Bed’: Pocket Spring range offers users different feels on each side of the mattress to cater to the needs of couples. The bed unzips to tailor the comfort layers as required which can be done free of charge for the first 60 days. You can have soft, medium or firm foam or latex layers in the pillowtop and a choice of medium gauge or firm spring units.

Latex Range: We have numerous different styles of full Belgian latex mattresses that do not have any springs. Full Latex offers excellent support for many, many years. 

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