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Heveya latex pillows

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The Heveya Latex Pillow is 100% natural organic latex.

Heyeva Latex is naturally elastic and can “spring back” into shape. This makes their pillows very long lasting and great for holding their shape. This means that you can expect amazing support for your neck and head whilst you sleep. Other pillows that do not hold their shape as well may cause neck stiffness.

Heveya latex has an open cell structure that allows air circulation created by our normal nightly movements. The latex pillows also have extra ventilation holes which keeps your head cooler throughout your sleep and is more hygienic due to the lack of moisture build up. Latex also has a natural resistance to dust mites, mildew and bacteria which makes these pillows safe for people with allergies.

Each pillow comes with a silky-soft bamboo cotton cover which can be easily removed for dry cleaning. We also supply our pillows with a re-useable cotton shopping bag.